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Lumilita Greenhouse PRO 300W

This is Professional greenhouse product, build to last and perform 24/7 .  We tune full spectrum for maximum growing efficiency if you buy more then 10 pcs.

Lumo 90

SPECIFICATIONS: • Light source: Lumileds LEDs; • Luminaire power: 87 W; • Luminous flux, lm: 15200 Lm; • System efficacy, lm/W: 175 lm/W; • Correlated Color Temperature: 4000K (possible from 2700K to 5500K) • Color Rendering Index: ≥85; • Maintenance of lumen output: 250.000 hours lifetime to 70% luminous flux; ADVANTAGES: •Efficiency: •molded aluminum; •Protectionclass: IP65 (IP67)

Phyto double 50W Full Spectrum Grow light

Main Characteristics: Manufacturer: Lumilita Operating voltage 230V Power 50W (instead of other typical LED 70-80W) Energy efficiency class: A+++ Light

Phyto Line 25W Full Spectrum Grow light

professional Horticulture